Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

Organic search marketing can often take 3 months or more to really take effect. With PPC, you can get your ads in front of your customers in the search engines the same day. Our PPC experts will set up and manage your advertising campaign in Google to maximize your exposure and minimize cost.

Our goal is to create and manage a profitable PPC campaign for you. Your ads will show up for searches relevant to your business on the right panel “Sponsored Ads” section in the Google search results and on related websites. With PPC advertising, you will only pay when someone clicks your ad and, depending on the competition, the cost could be as low $0.05 per click.  Our PPC Management service will:

  •      Research the key phrases your potential customers are searching for in the search engines

  •      Generate targeted traffic from the search engines from your target market

  •      Optimize and manage your campaign to control expenses and ensure the best ROI